terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Killer Crispim

When the moon is in the high sky
And the Old Monk river goes down
His big head ahead rises

His killer’s eyes looking for a victim,
Looking for a innocent Maria.

Step bay step going down a dark street,
In the nigth, a lenely criature.

Many years ago
A terrible mother’s curse
Down on a child:

“Seven girls you’ll have to kill
Ungrate son!
Or you will never see again the light of sun
You don’t understand the love of a mom
For that, you’ll be turn in to a monster
And will live by the river
You destroyd my life
You made real our poverty
And can’t live with that
Sick and hungry your hate changed in madness
You raise up your hand over me.”

Years before, six little girls
Were dead in screams and blood
When the seventh fall down,
He’ll come back a normal man
If a seventh die.

With her books on the chest
The white skin and fresh meat
Waiting the bus, but is to late
To the little and pretty girl.

Running down the street,
With fingers starved of horror song
Singing by the virgin mouth,
Crispim is so insane!

Run and pray!
Just run away!
Try to live
But anyway
You will die
Before next day.

The moon shine in red blood
His hate and hungry decrease
The wind blows so strong
It’s the end of a mother’s curse
Crispim isn’t more the same
The river isn’t more his home
But the curse don’t dispel
‘Couse Crispim have no more choice.

His eyes is like the light of the moon
The madness still alive in his body
The eighth death will come soon
It’s the lovely heritage to a son.

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